LEC Control Board Comparison Chart

To help you choose the right LEC board for your application, we’ve developed this handy LEC Control Board comparison chart.

Feature LEC-1 LEC-2 PCI-2 LANCoder™
16-bit Digital Scan Head Control XY/2-100 XY/2-100 XY/2-100 XY/2-100
20-bit Digital Scan Head Control N Y Y Y
XY Analog Servo Outputs Optional w/daughter board Y w/daughter board
Mark Engine Resolution 16-bit architecture Accu-Gen 20™ 20-bit architecture Accu-Gen 20™ 20-bit architecture Accu-Gen 20™ 20-bit architecture
Processor Speed 200 MHz 600 MHz Not Applicable 600 MHz
RAM 32 MB 256 MB Not Applicable 256 MB
FLASH for local job storage 32 MB 512 MB Not Applicable 128 MB
Connectivity Ethernet Ethernet PCIexpress Ethernet
USB Expansion (Job Storage) Y Y N N
COM Ports 3 3 0 1
Streaming Mode Y Y Y Y
Stand Alone Mode Optional* Optional* N Y
Remote API Optional* Optional* N Optional*
Browser Interface N Y N Y
Software selectable laser parameters Y Y Y Y
Max Laser Frequency 2 MHz 20 MHz 20 MHz 20 MHz
Optically isolated User Outputs 4 4 4 2
Optically isolated User Inputs 4 4 4 4
Additional 16 Outputs and 16 Inputs w/daughter board w/daughter board N N
4 Optically isolated harward interrupt Interlock inputs Y Y N N
RS-422 Digital quadrature inputs for Mark on the Fly encoder* Y Y Y Y
On-board Watchdog, signals Error port N Y N Y