Helping OEMS and Integrators meeting demanding applications challenges

Whether it’s one of our embedded control boards or WinLase Software or a combination of both, Lanmark Controls is helping OEMs and integrators meet demanding manufacturing and laser marking challenges.

Laser Marking and the IIoT

Learn how Lanmark Control’s LEC control boards help laser marking join the Industrial Internet of Things.

OTB-Solar (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

High Speed, Simultaneous Laser Marking

Working with OTB-Solar, Lanmark Controls developed laser control software for a fully integrated large solar panel fabrication line being built. This new line accommodates very high-speed galvo-controlled laser marking processes performed simultaneously: scribing, cutting, and marking.

OTB chose WinLase Software in order to better control the processing speed over a short process cycle time. OTB-Solar installed the first line in 2010.

MSC Company (Lyon, France)

Unique Datamatrix Marking on “The Fly”

MSC and its partner, the Safety Glazing Certification Council, developed a laser system that engraves a Datamatrix code on the glass bottles that it manufactures. This code was designed to be automatically read downstream to track the time/day of manufacture and to supply information for future trackability.

One problem: MSC’s laser marking process couldn’t meet the new line speed of 700 bottles per minute – AND provide a unique mark for each bottle. After researching existing suppliers of laser marking units, MSC approached Lanmark Controls about its LEC-1 control board, which accommodates high speed marking environments.

With the LEC-1, MSC now marks 10 unique data matrix codes per second. And, because the data matrix information is sent directly to the LEC-1 board, the company is able to mark its bottles on the fly with absolutely no stoppage when the bottle is marked. The LEC-1 controls the entire marking process – including the scanner. Read more »

Medical Device Assembly: Lasers Make Marks in Medical

by Jim Camillo from ASSEMBLY Magazine, August 2011

In this article, you can read how OEMs and manufacturers of healthcare devices use laser marking to meet FDA regulations.