Maestro® 3000 Controller

True Plug and Play capability in a slim box

Maestro® 3000 Controller

For companies ready to design their own galvanometer-based laser marking prototype system, the Maestro® 3000 series “controller-in-a-box” eliminates the need to gather and assemble various system components.

With the Maestro® 3000, you get the best of both worlds – optimized, high performance laser marking control plus fast and easy installation. Simply connect a cable, load the WinLase LAN software (which comes included) and you’re ready to go.

Designed for smaller laser marking OEMs and universities looking for a turnkey solution, the Maestro 3000 is a slim, IU rack-mountable enclosure that houses Lanmark’s LEC-1 Ethernet-based “smart” controller.

Additional benefits include:

  • Full stand-alone capabilities. Eliminates the need for a PC on the shop floor
  • Direct two-way communication with PLC. Provides real-time feedback from laser system
  • Communicates with several marking systems. Streamlines production, lowers PC costs
  • Optional laser extension board. Enables real-time feedback of laser error status
  • Controls popular scanners and scan heads. CT, GS, ScanLab, RayLase, Nutfield, and Sunny

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