OEM Interface Module

OEM Interface Module

The OEM Interface Module is used to gain access to the signals available on the high-density connectors of the LEC-1 embedded controller board and allow integrators to expose connectivity to the inside of their systems by using standard DIN connectors. The OEM Interface Module has been designed to interconnect directly with the LEC-1 using standard ribbon cable assemblies included with the module.

On the OEM Interface Module, most control connections optically-isolated directly on the LEC-1 board are converted to single ended outputs and inputs. The OEM Interface module is available for OEM applications where connectivity internal to a controls cabinet is required.

The LEC-1 provides very flexible System I/O control capability for applications that require the LEC-1 to interact with other process control equipment.

Ethernet & USB

  • Ethernet
  • USB Port 0
  • USB Port 1

Serial I/O

  • Pendant Serial
  • Laser Serial Control
  • Diagnostics (Debug)

X Servo

  • Direct analog out

Y Servo

  • Direct analog out

Z Servo

  • Direct analog out

Digital I/O 1

  • Status
  • User Digital I/O
  • Interlocks
  • Laser Digital Data
  • Laser Analog Power
  • Laser Control

Input Power

  • Input Power
  • X Servo Power
  • Y Servo Power

Electrical Requirements

  • +/- 15-24 VDC @ 300 mA
  • +5 volts is internally generated to supply LEC-1