LEC-1 End-of-Life Information

The LEC-1 Embedded Controller has been discontinued. As of April 23, 2021, this product has reached its End-of-Life (EoL) date. Lanmark Controls can no longer accept orders for the LEC-1 Embedded Controller.

For LEC-1 customers, Lanmark will continue to off support and a unique upgrade path to ensure a fast, non-disruptive transition

Replacement product:
Lanmark’s LEC-3.1 Ethernet-based Embedded Scan Controller.

LMC-3 Embedded Controller with LEC-1 Baseboard


Quick Facts

Can I still purchase a new LEC-1 Embedded Controller?
No, we can no longer accept orders for LEC-1 Controllers.

Will you continue to service my LEC-1 controller?
Yes, Lanmark will continue supporting existing LEC-1 products that can be repaired. If unrepairable, the LMC-3 is available as a direct replacement upgrade.

When will the new LEC-3.1 Embedded Controller be available?
The new LEC-3.1 Ethernet-based Embedded Scan Controller is available now and will be included in all new products going forward.

What is the upgrade path to the new LEC-3.1 Embedded Controller?
You can integrate the new LMC-3 quickly and without disruption because it is designed to easily configure with your LEC-1 baseboard form factor!

LEC-3.1 Embedded Controller Benefits:

  • 2.5X faster CPU – 1Ghz vs. 400MHz on LEC-1
  • 16x more job storage with more onboard FLASH memory – 512MB vs. 32MB on the LEC-1
  • Ability to execute larger job files with more onboard RAM – 512MB vs. 32MB on the LEC-1
  • Greater flexibility – load jobs from a remote server using stand-alone mode or local storage
  • Overall faster connection experience
  • Circular Mark-On-The-Fly (MOTF) capability
  • EtherNet/IP compatible
  • Additional scan head protocol support (Canon, SCANLAB SL-2, Smart Move, 20bit XY-2/100)
  • Power ramping capability (Coming soon!)

Click here for more information on the LMC-3 Embedded Controller.

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