FAQS about the LEC and IIoT

How do Lanmark Controls products interface with the Industrial Internet of Things?

Using the Remote API (Application Programming Interface), you have the ability for two-way communication between the factory and the Lanmark Controls embedded controller. You can monitor and control the laser marking activity and state of the controller, as well as update the marking data and parameters with the API.

How does the LEC communicate with the factory floor?

The LEC is an Ethernet-based device and communicates using TCP/IP. The Remote API can also be used over a serial communication link.

What devices can interact with the LEC embedded controller?

The LEC should have a unique IP address, and then any device that can read and connect with an IP address on the same network can interact with the LEC, including a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), computer, smartphone, iPad, or tablet.

How many LEC boards can be controlled on the network?

You can control an unlimited number of boards on the network.

How do you know what can be marked from the board?

Remote API commands return a list of jobs stored internally on the flash of the controller or on a USB drive.

Can I add information or change the data on the LEC board to be marked?

Yes, using WinLase LAN or WinLase 6 laser marking software, you can easily create jobs to mark just about anything your computer can image, including text, barcodes, date codes, shift codes, graphics, serial numbers and bitmaps.

It is also possible to use the Remote API to directly control the board with the code you write. You can make it draw anything you can describe in vectors.

Does the board have capabilities to auto serialize?

Yes, the ARM-based LEC family of boards have an embedded operating system as well as a real-time clock. Jobs can be created such that the controller updates the desired information automatically which can be used to serialize, date code, bar code, data matrix and add other tracking information without user interaction.

Is the LEC embedded controller reliable for an industrial factory environment?

Yes, the LEC embedded controller was designed specifically for laser making in high speed, demanding industrial applications and is field proven.

Can the LEC embedded controller interface with a moving factory line?

Yes, the LEC embedded controller is the ideal solution for what we call “mark on the fly,” or tracking parts moving on a production line and accurately marking tracking and traceability information. The LEC is very fast – we have generally found it is the power of the laser and the speed of the galvo scanners which limit the number of marks per second. Please contact us to talk about your application.

Can the embedded controller interface with a data base?

Yes, the board can be set up to interface with a data base. You can draw information from a .txt file or you can write your own custom application using the Remote API to write simple or complex marking processes.