Alistair Gill to Oversee Engineering and Support in Europe for Lanmark Controls

October 18, 2016

A laser industry and engineering veteran, Alistair Gill to represent Lanmark Controls, an OEM manufacturer and supplier of laser marker hardware and software.

October 18, 2016 – Acton, MA – Lanmark Controls, Inc., an OEM manufacturer of laser marking hardware and software, has announced Alistair Gill will represent the company as an engineering resource and support the company’s sales efforts in Europe.

Alistair brings to this position over 30 years of laser industry experience, which includes creating design and interface standards for the laser industry. As one of the major founders and Technical Director of ScanPro GmbH, which later became RAYLASE AG, Alistair was responsible for the development of mechanics, optics, electronics and software. The company created products that helped establish it as a market leader in numerous fields of application. Previously, in his position as Engineering Manager for General Scanning, he was responsible for building the company’s engineering team, which went on to design products that set the stage for laser system and design standards now used by the majority of players in the laser scanning industry. In addition, Alistair and his team were instrumental in helping to develop GUI software and system components, which helped grow the General Scanning business from $2 million to over $12 million in the small systems market.

“We are very excited that Alistair has joined the Lanmark team,” says John Oskirko, President of Lanmark Controls. “With his deep background and understanding of technical engineering issues, and his international experience in the laser industry, he will be instrumental in helping us grow the Lanmark OEM business as well as help us create new products that will continue to set industry standards with regard to Industry 4.0. More important, he has a tremendous understanding of how people interact with technology – which gives him a unique insight into developing products that resonate with the market.”

“Joining forces with Lanmark Controls is an exciting next step for me,” says Alistair Gill. “The company has created products that continue to anticipate where the industry is headed. I look forward to working with their engineering team and their customers.”

Alistair studied Engineering at Manchester Polytechnic and is a Chartered Engineer and member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (MIET). In his role with Lanmark Controls, he will be based in the Munich area, Germany.

Lanmark Controls, based in Acton, Massachusetts, is the developer and manufacturer of the LEC-2 embedded laser scan controller. Designed for high-speed manufacturing environments that require laser marking capabilities, the LEC-2 is a “smart” board that eliminates PCs on the factory floor. It integrates seamlessly with the company’s WinLase laser marking software.

Lanmark Controls Introduces LEC-2 Suite of 20-Bit Controller Boards and WinLase 6 Laser Marking Software

February 5, 2013

For Immediate Release

For More Information Contact:
Chris Oskirko
978-264-0200 x 111

Product introduction features four LEC-2 controller boards that deliver high performance and improved accuracy and the completely revised WinLase 6 laser marking software based on Microsoft .NET.

Lanmark Controls to demo products at Photonics West Booth # 4222

February 5, 2013, Acton, MA – Lanmark Controls new line of laser marking controller boards, the LEC-2 LAN, the LEC-2 USB, the LC-2 PCIe, and the LANCoder, offer OEMs, integrators and job shops high-performance, 20-bit architecture to suit any need or budget. The new line of LEC-2 controller boards work seamlessly with the company’s completely revised WinLase 6 laser marking software.

Based on Lanmark Controls’ proprietary Accu-Gen 20™ marking engine, the LEC-2 line of boards incorporates 20-bit architecture to deliver improved field marking accuracy and on-board real-time processing of vector and laser control. The product line’s premier board is the LEC-2 LAN. Designed for high-speed smart manufacturing environments that require flexible laser marking capabilities, the LEC-2 LAN eliminates the need for a PC on the factory floor. Users can execute jobs remotely over the network and store jobs on the LEC-2 LAN.

To meet the needs of smart manufacturers, Lanmark has completely revised its WinLase laser marking software. Completely redesigned from the ground up, WinLase 6 is built on Microsoft’s .NET Framework, enabling users to customize the user interface. WinLase 6 has local language support and can display in any language including Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. WinLase 6 features include: full 3-D marking, users can edit nodes and vectors and change properties of objects without using external graphics software, side-by-side editing of jobs and seamless integration with Lanmark’s LEC-2 and LEC-1 controller boards.

“The LEC-2 suite of boards incorporates all of the knowledge we’ve gained over the last fifteen years in the system integration business and as an OEM controller and software supplier, “says John Oskirko, founder and President of Lanmark Controls. The LEC-2 LAN is the only product on the market to offer the extensive stand-alone capabilities that more and more high-volume factory automation manufacturers have been demanding and is the highest performance FPGA (field programmable gate array) marking engine on the market today. By combining WinLase 6 and the LEC-2 LAN, manufacturers in high-speed automation environments can handle any streaming or stand-alone application for laser marking. We’ve worked diligently to develop products with features our customers need today – and that will work seamlessly when industry standards, such as 20-bit architecture, become standard in the future. We’re very excited about these offerings.”

The LEC-2 USB offers the same performance as the LEC-2 LAN but at lower cost. The board’s USB connectivity is ideal for low volume production where remote access isn’t required. Lowest in cost, the LEC-2 PCIe is designed for the high volume market with a PC. Users can plug the board directly into a PC and go. Rounding out Lanmark’s suite of high performance LEC-2 boards is the LANCoder. Designed for coding companies that need a basic laser marking solution, the board features a smaller footprint with customized remote API capabilities.

Representatives from Lanmark Controls will be on hand to give demonstrations and answer questions at Photonics West booth #4222. To learn more about the company and its products, visit

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About Lanmark Controls

Lanmark Controls Inc., based in Acton, Massachusetts, USA, designs and manufactures OEM software and embedded controller boards and is an OEM software supplier to the laser marking industry. Visit the company’s Website at or call +1-978 264-0200 for more information.

Lanmark Controls Announces Next Generation of Laser Marking Products at World of Photonics

May 23, 2011

For Immediate Release

For More Information Contact:
Chris Oskirko
978-264-0200 x 111

WinLase6 laser marking software and LEC-2 controller board designed to significantly improve laser marking in high-speed automation environments.

May 23, 2011, Boxborough, MA – Lanmark Controls Inc. ( has announced that the company is developing two next-generation laser marking products: WinLase 6.0 laser marking software and the LEC-2 Controller Board. Each product has been designed to make it significantly easier to perform laser marking functions in high-speed automation environments. Representatives from Lanmark Controls will be giving demonstrations of both products at World of Photonics in Munich, Germany, May 23 – 26, 2011, booth number C2.541.

“We’re very excited about these two new products,” says John Oskirko, President of Lanmark Controls. “While our competitors are releasing copies of products that we developed five years ago, we’re developing the products that anticipate what the industry will need tomorrow based on feedback from OEMs and integrators on the challenges they’re facing today with regard to high-speed laser marking environments.”

A complete rewrite of the existing WinLase laser marking software suite, WinLase 6.0 is based on Microsoft’s® .NET framework, allowing OEM integrators and end-users to create a customized User Interface (UI) in any language supported by the framework. In addition, an all-new graphics engine eliminates the need for external graphics software as it allows user to edit graphics (including nodes and vectors), change properties of objects, and group objects – as well as set properties as a common group. WinLase 6 also allows multiple instances of the software to be open at the same time – versus one instance – giving users the ability to edit and mark different laser marking jobs side-by-side. The software will work with the LEC-2 controller board and is backward compatible with the LEC-1. Currently in beta, WinLase 6 will be released later in 2011 and will run on Windows® 7, XP and Vista.

“WinLase 6 is not a warmed-over software update,” says Oskirko. “We built the new UI from the ground up based on the latest technologies from Microsoft as well as what our customers have been asking for. In addition to being based on the .NET framework, WinLase 6.0 uses the same code base as the LEC-2, which means that both products will work together seamlessly.”

Also in beta, the LEC-2 controller board features a brand new architecture and CPU. Featuring 600 MHz of processing power, 512 megabytes of storage (up to 4 GB optional), and a 20-bit architecture (versus the current industry standard 16-bit), the LEC- 2 offers total flexibility with high-speed, real time laser marking functions. In addition, the LEC-2 features a USB version which offers users the same high performance as the LEC-2 Ethernet board but at a lower cost.

To learn more about either product, please visit Lanmark Controls at World of Photonics, booth number C2.541 or visit to learn more.

About Lanmark Controls Inc.

Lanmark Controls Inc., based in Boxborough, Massachusetts, designs and manufactures OEM software and embedded controller cards and is an OEM software supplier to the laser marking industry. Visit the company’s Website at or call 978-264-0200 for more information. ###

Lanmark Controls Releases first Video

May 13, 2011

WinLase and the LEC enable tighter automation control of laser marking systems on the factory floor by communicating directly with the PLC.

Lanmark Control’s WinLase LAN 5.0 Release Allows “Smart Motor” Control for Laser Marking Systems

April 13, 2010

New software release compatible with Windows® 7 Professional; enables “plug and play” for laser marking applications requiring motion

April 13, 2010, Boxborough, MA – Lanmark® Controls, Inc. ( has released its WinLase LAN 5.0 Laser Marking Software for companies using laser marking applications requiring motion. The new software eliminates the need to purchase costly PC cards to control a step motor and enables users to easily communicate with the new smart motors, such as the IMS MDrivePlus® motor + driver.

Previous to WinLase LAN 5.0, users of laser marking systems incorporating a step motor would have to connect the motor into a PC card, which was then installed into a PC. Users were also limited to four pre-defined, hard-coded axis movements – which increased the cost of rotating a part in order to mark it.

With WinLase LAN 5.0, users have the ability to send commands directly to the motor – without having to install a PC card or write commands – as well as string up to 32 motors in a daisy chain and control them from any computer, including a laptop.

“In order to rotate a part or mark different sides of a part, laser marking companies have to buy a $500 to $600 PC card plus a motor – driving up the cost to $1000 or more,” says John Oskirko, President of Lanmark Controls. “ With WinLase LAN 5.0, users can buy just one ‘smart motor’ with a built-in board and connect it directly to the LEC-1. For single axis marking applications, it’s a much more cost-effective alternative as the cost comes down to about $350.”

WinLase LAN 5.0 is compatible with Windows 7 Professional and supports Lanmark’s LEC-1 Ethernet-based scan controller cards. The software offers simplified management for multiple, networked laser marking systems, an intuitive, easy-to-learn interface, flexible architecture and simple installation. Visit to learn more.

About Lanmark Controls, Inc.

Lanmark Controls Inc., based in Boxborough, Massachusetts, designs and manufactures OEM software and embedded controller cards and is an OEM software supplier to the laser marking industry. Visit the company’s Website at or call 978-264-0200 for more information.


New WinLase LAN manual released

November 6, 2009

New WinLase LAN manual released today. Complete documentation on the newest features for laser marking, laser etching, laser engraving with WinLase LAN and the LEC-1 embedded scan controller. Please complete the request form to receive a copy of the pdf version.

“Improved marking system control increases productivity”

September 15, 2009

Industrial Laser Solutions Article

For glass container manufacturers, the stakes are high with regard to meeting higher quality standards and decreasing losses due to product recalls and disputes. To meet these and other industry demands, glass container makers must identify and trace each product and/or container through the entire processing cycle.

Follow Lanmark Controls on Twitter

August 18, 2009

You can now follow the latest Lanmark Controls updates on twitter and tweet us with your news.

Maestro™ 3000 Laser Marking Control Box

July 21, 2009

Lanmark Controls Inc. has released its Maestro 3000 series integrated control box. For companies ready to design their own galvanometer-based laser marking prototype system, the “controller-in-a-box” is a plug-and-play laser marking solution that eliminates the need to gather and assemble various system components, enabling fast and cost-effective ramp-up and time-to-market.

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World of Photonics tradeshow

June 20, 2009

June 15 – 18, 2009

Lanmark Controls Inc. would like to thank all who visited the Lanmark tradeshow booth and made the Laser World of Photonics Show, June 15 – June 18, 2009, at the new Munich Trade Fair Center, Munich, Germany a success! We appreciate your business!