Lanmark Control的WinLase LAN 5.0支持激光标记系统的”智能电动机”控制

13 4 月, 2010

New software release compatible with Windows® 7 Professional; enables “plug and play” for laser marking applications requiring motion

April 13, 2010, Boxborough, MA – Lanmark® Controls, Inc. ( has released its WinLase LAN 5.0 Laser Marking Software for companies using laser marking applications requiring motion. The new software eliminates the need to purchase costly PC cards to control a step motor and enables users to easily communicate with the new smart motors, such as the IMS MDrivePlus® motor + driver.

Previous to WinLase LAN 5.0, users of laser marking systems incorporating a step motor would have to connect the motor into a PC card, which was then installed into a PC. Users were also limited to four pre-defined, hard-coded axis movements – which increased the cost of rotating a part in order to mark it.

With WinLase LAN 5.0, users have the ability to send commands directly to the motor – without having to install a PC card or write commands – as well as string up to 32 motors in a daisy chain and control them from any computer, including a laptop.

“In order to rotate a part or mark different sides of a part, laser marking companies have to buy a $500 to $600 PC card plus a motor – driving up the cost to $1000 or more,” says John Oskirko, President of Lanmark Controls. “ With WinLase LAN 5.0, users can buy just one ‘smart motor’ with a built-in board and connect it directly to the LEC-1. For single axis marking applications, it’s a much more cost-effective alternative as the cost comes down to about $350.”

WinLase LAN 5.0 is compatible with Windows 7 Professional and supports Lanmark’s LEC-1 Ethernet-based scan controller cards. The software offers simplified management for multiple, networked laser marking systems, an intuitive, easy-to-learn interface, flexible architecture and simple installation. Visit to learn more.

About Lanmark Controls, Inc.

Lanmark Controls Inc., based in Boxborough, Massachusetts, designs and manufactures OEM software and embedded controller cards and is an OEM software supplier to the laser marking industry. Visit the company’s Website at or call 978-264-0200 for more information.