Lanmark Controls团队

John Oskirko – 总裁

A serial entrepreneur, John founded Lanmark Controls in 2005 when he realized that while many laser marking systems integrators existed, few integrators were building products that addressed the complex issues found in automated laser marking environments.

Before founding Lanmark Controls, John started Adaptive Laser Systems, which later became Alase Technologies – a laser marking systems integration company and laser marking job shop. While at Alase, John developed the first iteration of WinLase Software.
Previous to Alase, John worked at General Scanning Inc. for 14 years. His roles included everything from testing equipment and working in the application lab to being a product marketing manager and salesman.

John brings to the table a keen sense of how laser marking systems fit into a bigger solution. Due to his engineering, sales, and customer service background, John understands how all components work together and is able to design products and solutions that meet tough applications.

Chris Oskirko – 副总裁(销售与市场)

Also an entrepreneur, Chris worked at Alase Technologies as the sales person for the job shop. Over time she expanded her role to include all of sales and marketing. Chris holds a BS degree from the Florida Institute of Technology. In her off time, she enjoys sailing.

Jason Fitch – 软件工程师

Jason is responsible for developing WinLase software and ensuring it works seamlessly with our laser control boards. Previous to Lanmark Controls, he spent seven years as a software engineer at Digital Video Communications where he was responsible for Windows CE systems on x86 and ARM platforms for digital signage and C# application development. His experience also includes working as a software engineer for BSquare. Jason attended the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.

Burt Hashizume – 工程师

Previous to joining Lanmark, Burt was a firmware engineer for Bally Technologies; he also spent four years as an independent consultant. Burt was the co-founder of PixelVision, Inc. a maker of flat-panel computer information displays first deployed by the NYSE in the mid 1990s. Cybex Computer Products acquired the company in 1999. Before co-founding PixelVision, Burt worked as an Engineering Manager for Apollo Computer, which was acquired by H-P in 1989.

Burt received his MBA from Boston University in 1990 and an MS in Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California in 1974. Burt doubled majored in Physics and Electrical Engineering at MIT – completing a BS in both in 1973.

Christine Friend – 产品经理

Christine joined Lanmark controls in 2012 as the Office Assistant but quickly moved into the Production Manager role. Today she manages the production schedule for all Lanmark products, handles the order processing and shipping, and oversees repairs, as well as other general office duties. She received her BS in Health Science from the University of Hartford in 2001.